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Add:Three communities of Agricultural Corporation of Lutai

          Economic Development Zone, Tangshan City
Tel:  13312151818   Manager Ma


Talent strategy has always been an important part of the company's development strategy. "Knowledge people make good use of people and do their best" is our employer's purpose. "Acquiring talents and developing talents" is our consistent policy and the core of our talent strategy.


"People-oriented" is an important concept of corporate culture. Talent is an important resource, the foundation of the development of the enterprise and the basis of competition. In the company, we have a broad personal development space, an excellent personal growth environment, an effective performance appraisal incentive mechanism, a rich corporate culture and generous benefits. In the company, there is a whole set of scientific talent recruitment, selection, use and development. Human resource management system. All this makes every person with ideals and ability to play in their own positions and realize their ambitions!